I know there are others out there…..but where?

Ever since starting my stationery and styling business six years ago and entering the huge wonderful world of weddings I’ve often struggled to find where it is that I actually fit in.

There are so many different characters in the wedding industry, all of which seem to have their own little private groups and clicks. I’ve been really fortunate to meet some super lovely, helpful and genuine people but I’ve also come face to face with some super snobs to! Not everyone in the business is all fluffy and cute. It can be really intimidating, especially if you are just starting out.

I like to think that I’m a people person and that I can pretty much get along with most types of people but I’m also quite shy and sometimes lack confidence in myself and my work. It’s hard when you work alone, you have no one to bounce ideas off or share your achievements and concerns with. It can be really lonely!

After years of trying to fit in to the mainstream wedding world I now understand why I haven’t…I’m not a suited and booted, pretty nails and styled hair perfectly packaged boutiquey person (not that there is anything wrong with that what so ever).

I’m a creative! I embrace different and individuality. I have lots of visible tattoos, I’m often sporting several shades of funky colours in my hair, my clothes rarely match and my socks never do! Non the less I’m passionate about what I do, I adore weddings and I give my all to each of my clients.

I want to find others like me. I want to work with and help businesses that need a platform to show off their awesome products and services. I want to bring together local creative people and show them that it doesn’t have to be lonely or scary being different.

We need to encourage each other to keep going with those ideas that may a first seem crazy or impossible because if we don’t then who will?

So I now get it, I know why I couldn’t find that group that I fitted in…It’s yet to be born!

I can’t do everything myself and actually I don’t want to but between us we can. We can share our knowledge, inspire each other and build a wonderful hub of creatives.

Amongst other things in the pipeline this year I plan to hold several meet ups. They will be really friendly and relaxed and held in a gorgeous Plymouth venue. It’ll be a real chance to mingle and not only build working relationships but friendships with people who actually get you, people who share and embrace the passion you have for what you do!

So…if this is something you like the sound of and would like to be a part of then please get in touch because I’d love to hear from you.

Much love D x

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